Job Seekers

We work together with you to:

  • Identify your job goals and make a plan for what is needed to be successful
  • Explore options for employment and experience different work environments
  • Develop job and interview skills and prepare a positive profile for you for prospective employers
  • Support your job search including finding employment opportunities for you suited to your strengths
  • Prepare job applications that focus on your skills and abilities
  • Put your best foot forward during the interview process including supporting you if needed
  • Help you understand offers of employment and the information you need to make an informed decision about employment
  • Provide support on your first day of work so you know what is expected of you and to help you fit in with the team
  • Provide support to your employer to help them have more disability-confident workplace
  • Provide support for any changes or concerns in your employment

We work together with jobseekers who:

  • Are 16-64 years of age
  • Live permanently in New Zealand
  • Are New Zealand citizens, permanent residents or hold an appropriate open work permit
  • Experience a disability or a health concern that creates a barrier to finding or sustaining employment

Success story

Kirsten began volunteer relieving one morning a week at the Pig & Whistle in 2015 when another volunteer was away. This placement turned into a permanent paid position in 2016.

Now, Kirsten works three mornings a week stocking the bar, filling water jugs, replenishing linens, and doing some light filing. She enjoys her duties as well as the work environment. “When I first started, I was nervous but getting to know the routine made me feel relaxed.” She also gets on well with the rest of the Pig & Whistle team. “If I get stuck on paperwork, the other staff help me.”

She offers some great advice for those who are looking for a job. “Start off with a good CV, be happy and smile at the interview, and dress nice in your good clothes.” She reckons keeping employment is about working hard and getting along with co-workers. “Act respectful. Ring if you can’t come in for a shift. Do a good job.”

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